After trying a couple of other yoga studios we found Yoga Bones and immediately felt at home. We were both suffering from back issues. After the first class the difference was profound. Bindi has created a wonderful community, with an amazing team of talented instructors.

Bindi has the most caring and passionate nature. You instantly feel relaxed as you enter the warm, inviting studio. The combined years of experience and extensive knowledge of various yoga practices emanates in each of  the classes. Each class is designed for beginner through to advanced with individual attention to technique when required.

Yoga Bones has changed both our lives both physically and mentally. We both highly recommend Yoga Bones studio.

Christine and Mark Collins

I was honoured to take 2 of Bindi’s classes at Yogabones whilst visiting Brisbane from Canada. She is a highly intelligent instructor with a vast knowledge of the origins of yoga & attributing them to our practises today. Bindi is an awesome human being with a beautiful voice. The postures are very well explained, with exceptional cues & hence easy to follow. All levels of yoga practice are accommodated.
Bindi’s choice of music is excellent, she incorporates mindfulness & spirituality as well as other songs chosen to the beauty of mantras. The ambience of the studio is welcoming with fresh aromas of incense & essential oils. All props are provided and the price of classes is cost effective.
I look forward to taking more classes with Bindi on my future visits to Brisbane.
Thank you
Rosemary L. Kitay

I’ve now been a student of Bindi Phillips for 3.5 years and in that time she has supported me to not only improve my physicality and asana postures, but to find the spiritual and emotional imbalances within my body and how to work through these to experience a deep wellbeing. Bindi is incredibly knowledgeable and professional and I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking to take that next step into a deeper connection with themselves through a yoga practice.

Michelle Stook

I have been going to Yoga Bones for about 8 months now. The studio has a great energy, Bindi is an exceptional teacher who has a true gift for delivering exactly what your body and mind need… often accomplished by a great soundtrack! Highly recommend Yoga Bones.

Kathryn Wardrobe


I was daunted at first, but the scent of white sage and glowing lamps drew me in. Yoga Bones has transformed and continues to transform my life. Staff, students and the room itself creates a warm world. Every class is a different journey. Every teacher a unique and powerful character sharing vast amounts of knowledge with skill and kindness. Attention to detail is superb, explaining, adjusting and refining poses and postures. Their grasp on living this ancient holistic practice is a joyous balance of spirituality and physical science. Humanness is also acknowledged and celebrated. They chant and play music ~ from gentle acoustic pieces to Led Zeppelin for the more intense flows. Some sing, one rolls healing thunder from a crystal bowl and another resonates magic into every cell with a Tibetan singing bowl placed over the abdomen. They check in with how students are feeling, if they are rested and hydrated. Some administer heavenly essential oil massages during Savasana. Some give me a hug. All of them smile at me and make me feel welcome in my holey leggings and wolf tee shirt. I am encouraged and supported on my journey. I fluked finding this studio because it was conveniently on my way to and from work. I can do unlimited classes for $35 a week, which comes out as a direct debit. The time table has a beautiful array of different classes at different times, seven days a week. The morning classes are highly energising and the night classes are pure magic. I arrive with relief to finally be on my mat. I leave on a cloud, driving to work or home with a huge grin on my face. My mental health is at an all-time high. In 2015 I was diagnosed with Endogenous Depression. I am now more present, happier, motivated and liberated from medication. As well as my mind, my body is the strongest it has ever been. This time last year I was having my left Fibula screwed back together in surgery. I can now stand in tree pose for five deep breaths. I have lost weight, increased my flexibility and continue to grow more comfortable and capable in my own skin. I sleep well. My asthmatic lungs are clear and expanding from the many classes focused on breathing and mindfulness. I am filled with gratitude every day because wonderful things are unfolding in my life and this place was where it really started taking shape. I love Yoga Bones with all my Lotus Flower-breathing heart. Highly recommended to all x

Skye Staniford