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This workshop is open to everybody. No prior training or experience necessary. The day will include both Family Constellations and individual exercises, according to the needs of all the participants.

By coming together in a group, we are able to access previously hidden family entanglements, blockages to love and the strengthening resources of our own extended family, regardless of our individual backgrounds. Health, well-being, money and career issues can be explored along with a wide range of personal relationships, spiritual and life dilemmas.
Our family systems can exert long range and often powerful influences over our everyday responses to life, so bring your ancestors along and find out more about yourself.

 Facilitator: Angela Shaw

I am an experienced Gestalt therapist & a faculty member at Gestalt Therapy Brisbane (GTB). I have been engaged in learning about Systemic Constellation work since 2004 and I’ve been fortunate to access Family Constellation training from some of the world’s top trainers in both Australia and Europe. I am always in awe of the process, which offers a window into our systemic connections not easily accessible through personal therapy.

 Registration: via email directly to Angela Shaw c/-  angela.gestalt@gmail.com

Given the current uncertainties with Covid in Brisbane I will confirm the workshop on Feb 14th. Pre-payment via netbank will be required after that date.

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