Class Types

At Yoga Bones we have a number of different class types to choose from.
There are many different types of yoga to practice, so it’s important to find out which type of yoga is right for you.
Here you will find a quick introduction of our class types to help you find your way to a class you love.

Class Types Power Flow

Power Flow

A flowing style of yoga which allows the body to move with the power of the inhale and exhale. Our creative teachers will blend elements of vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga and other more dynamic yoga practices within their expertise to bring you the ultimate in flowing yoga. An active and energising class. Prepare to move your body and build some heat.

Morning Hatha / Hatha Yoga

An uplifting class where poses will vary from longer holds in asana, mindful sequences with moderate flow and stillness between poses for integration. An introduction of pranayama/breath work may be included. This class aims to bring balance to mind, body and soul. Conditioning and strengthening whilst creative and playful.

Yin Yang Balance

Yin Yang Balance blends the stillness and depth of Yin Yoga with more dynamic Yang practices, a beautiful fusion of movement and surrender.

Class Types Pure Yin

Pure Yin Yoga

A slow and deep style of Yoga where poses/asanas are held for longer periods of time, 5 minutes or more in most cases. Yin Yoga applies healthy stimulation to the fascia/connective tissue of the body and creates space in the skeletal system, encouraging the flow of Qi around the body, removing blockages and promoting organ health. Deeply healing and meditative.

Class Types Deep Release

Deep Release

A grounding nurturing class that brings us into a space of innate listening and awareness. This class focuses on deep slow movements and stretching and long slow holds that encourage the body to release deeply. A blend of restorative practices, slow nurturing movements, meditative techniques, breath awareness and candlelight allows us to find a space of calmness, deep relaxation and profound therapeutic support. A perfect way to end a long day and assist us in dropping into slumber.

Class Types Creative Flow

Creative Flow

A creative class that allows deeper body awareness and mental connection. We delve into the ego body and physical self so that we can connect the deeper being of the poses. This creates an outcome of effortless meditative movement and alignment into our deeper understanding and consciousness of self. A wonderful creation of release, connection and ultimately compassion to self.