Interactive Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga
presented by Simon Borg-Olivier MScBAppSc(Physiotherapy)APAM

This unique and sought after opportunity to study with Simon Borg-Olivier is now available in Brisbane!

Enhance your yoga practice, improve your yoga teaching, get CPD points – this is a must-do course for anyone interested in yoga!

This two weekend (36 hour) course provides yoga teachers and students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the basic workings of the body while practicing asanas (static postures), vinyasas (dynamic exercises) and pranayamas (breathing exercises) of hatha yoga. Learn how to safely increase strength and flexibility whilst minimising the risks of injurydue to incorrect practice and promote the healing of injuries with guidance on yoga therapy.

Weekend A:
29 September to 1 October 2017 (18 hours) – Limbs and Musculoskeletal Focus:
Learn how to improve the strength and flexibility of your limbs and use them to regulate your breathing and circulation (and thus energy and fitness), your nervous system (and thus your health, strength, flexibility and calmness), and your internal organs (your digestion, immunity and sexual function).

Weekend B:
24 November to 26 November 2017 (18 hours) – Trunk and Physiology Focus:
Learn how to use posture, movement and breathing, all originating from your core of your trunk, to improve the health of your spine and body systems (respiratory, circulatory, nervous, immune, endocrine and reproductive systems); and also to develop your energy, strength, flexibility and stability, while remaining calm, focused and healthy.

About the course:
Learn about bandhas, kriyas and mudras: discover how to use asanas and pranayama to increase strength, flexibility and internal health; and more importantly learn how to improve circulation and bring energy to every cell in your body and let each of the bodies 50 trillion cells communicate in a loving way for perfect health, happiness and longevity.
This is not dry anatomy, but a high-energy, interactive experience, where Simon brings your body to life and shows you how to
• improve flexibility without feeling intense stretch
• improve strength without feeling tense or stressed
• become more relaxed without needing to be completely passive
• improve your energy levels without having to breathe more than normal
• promote circulation without needing to make your heart beat faster
• improve the intelligence of your body cells without having to over-think
• satiate your appetite and feel nourished without having to eat as much
• feel rested and rejuvenated without having had to sleep as much.

This course is essential for yoga teachers, teachers in training and anyone interested in deepening their ability to use posture, movement and breathing to give positive effects on health, fitness, longevity and mental and physical wellbeing.

Yoga Synergy’s ‘Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga’ book, online course and video set are available at discount prices for those students attending any part of the two weekend program.

Weekend A: 29 September to 1 October 2017
Weekend B: 24 November to 26 November 2017
Schedule: TBA
Location: Brisbane, Venue TBA. C/O Yoga Bones

2 weekends: $600 (Early bird only $535 if paid before June 30th)
1 weekend only: $310
Payment plans available by arrangement.

Attendance at both weekends is strongly recommended but to a certain extent each weekend is a self-contained course and may be attended independently. If you are newer to the subject however then if you are only doing one weekend the first weekend will be more accessible.

About the teacher:
Simon Borg-Olivier MScBAppSc(Physiotherapy)APAM is a Co-Director of Yoga Synergy, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected yoga schools. Simon has been teaching yoga since 1982. He is a registered physiotherapist, a research scientist and a university lecturer. As well as teaching both group and individual classes, Simon also teaches applied anatomy and physiology of yoga regularly at workshops and conferences in Australia and around the world.

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