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Bindi has been practising and building her love of yoga for over 20yrs. Prior to her becoming the owner of Yoga Bones Bindi underwent training and extensive mentoring to develop her teaching style. Bindi has travelled to India deepening her love of the practice and holistic aspect of Yoga.  Completing many trainings and workshops with numerous teachers (including Simon Borg Olivier, Mantra Schults, Marian Cavanagh, ) throughout the years to expand and explore the passion that she feels about the healing and nurturing aspects of yoga.

Kaya’s approach is holistic in nature and she believes in the importance of equilibrium in one’s life to achieve a healthy mind, body and soul. Her style is unique and she captures the hearts of many of her clients with her special ability to build strong and meaningful working relationships whilst achieving optimum results. Kaya has been practicing Yoga for over 12 years.

Kaya has spent time both travelling and studying Yoga in India. She undertook an extensive Yoga Teacher Training in Mysore, India. She returns often to attend further training and to meet with her mentors and teachers for further professional and spiritual development. Kaya also studied Yoga in the UK and took courses to specialise in Prenatal and Post-natal both in India and here in Australia. Kaya has numerous skills and training in varied areas to pull together the wonderful umbrella of services she offers her clients.

In the world of health and nutrition Kaya is a qualified Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and mentor, Personal Trainer, Massage therapist and body worker, she also holds qualifications in Exercise Physiology and Injury Rehabilitation. On a more spiritual level Kaya is an experienced Reiki Master and Teacher and works with various other healing modalities such as Guided and Intuitive Healings and work with crystals. Kaya is also a Registered Senior Level 3 teacher and recognised mentor with Yoga Australia.

Programs for You

Mentoring programs

Mentoring programs are available for Yoga teachers, Teacher trainees and for advanced yoga practitioners. Each program is tailored to suit the individual. These programs are designed with the intention to take the student to their next level of yoga development, wherever that may be in each personal case.

These programs help students to gain further awareness, depth and a greater foundation for their own personal practice and therefore for the teaching of others. Each mentoring program is unique to the individual, so the focus will vary; the basic aim is to get you ready for your next step, whether that relates to your own personal practice, or to the teaching of others.

The combination of Bindi’s passion for yoga, her experience as a life coach and her own personal learnings over the many years of practice, creates an invaluable mentoring program for not only the aspiring yoga teacher but also for anyone wanting to deepen their practice and self awareness.


“It is so fantastic to be fully met in a 1 on 1 context with Kaya. Not only is her knowledge base incredible and extensive, but it is rare that I have found someone who truly embodies their medicine in such a deeply connected and intuitive way. This constantly calls me into truth with compassionate discipline for my own practice as an embodied being and with support that extends beyond the mat, I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with her in the mentorship program.”
Paul Harrold

“I feel so grateful to be working with such a knowledgeable, intuitive & heartfelt teacher through my mentorship.. As a teacher of over 10 years, I feel deeply met & nourished after each session, it’s like I’m drinking from an infinite chalice of yogic wisdom that seems to pour through Kaya so effortlessly.. Kaya embodies the practice of yoga so beautifully through such a wholistic offering & I am so grateful I can dive in to the vast pool of yoga with her.. Aum..”

Samantha Trueman

“On my first meeting with Kaya I knew that I wanted to be mentored by her. Her amazing knowledge of yoga, sanskrit, healing, nutrition etc is so vast that I can not see a time that I will cease learning from her. Kaya has an enthusiasm and passion for teaching with all her eastern knowledge, training and experience and it is something I have not seen here in Australia with any other teacher. If you want a truly, intense, genuine and intuitive teacher or mentor to expand your own yoga teaching or to just discover more within your own practice then Kaya is perfect.”

Bindi Phillips

“Kaya is an incredible teacher and mentor. She teaches intuitively and finds the perfect balance between challenging and supporting me through my practice and mentoring sessions. Since starting mentoring sessions my confidence has improved immensely and I am exploring teaching intuitively from my heart. Additionally, my spiritual and physical yoga practices have developed to support my teaching. Kaya constantly takes me out of my comfort zone in a nurturing way to ensure I am fulfilling my potential. I would recommend Kaya to anyone looking to progress in their yoga journey.”

Nikki Reed

Yin & Restorative Retreat

December 11 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm