Hertz So Good Sound Wave – Guided Meditation & Vibrational Healing.

Join The Joy Dispensary’s Stace Callaghan and Olivia Cosham as they take you on a journey deep within the cells of your body to where all vibration begins. Sit or lie down comfortably and simply relax as the healing sounds of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, harmonic whirlies, drums, didge, Hand Pans, chimes, Wing, shakers, ukulele and voice, gently wash over you.

These beautiful instruments invite you to unwind, unravel, and surrender any stress, stuckness or resistance in your body, heart, mind or soul. Hertz So Good is a deeply relaxing opportunity to find the stillness and joy within you!

Ride the Sound Wave – it’s the perfect way to end your weekend and kick start the beginning of a new week.

Investment – $25

Contact Stace for more details and to book: 0421 453 509

Bookings via phone/text are essential to ensure a place as space is limited.

The studio is fully equipped but please bring an extra yoga mat, blanket or sarong (for covering), pillow and eye-pillow to make sure you are super comfortable.