The journey of Yoga is a very personal one.

People come to yoga from all walks of life and for many different reasons, yet no matter how they arrive on that little piece of rubber, it affects them all as deeply and profoundly as each other. The realisation that there is more that is needed in the awareness of the body in the realms of self-care, flexibility, strength, and most importantly, connection and compassion.

There is an awareness out there that we need to understand more about ourselves and how we work as human beings, this means getting to know and understand how we breathe and how we move. Looking at how we live our lives, and how, what we do, affects how we feel.

The choices our society has made, with many people spending many hours of each day sitting at desks and computers and cradling mobile devices, has had a physiological impact on our bodies and how our bodies manage, not only day to day but also as we age.

Discovering how we process and adapt in our physical, our mental and our emotional bodies. It is not enough to just exist anymore, people are wanting to understand the link and connection that research and science is showing us. Understanding the benefit of meditation as a part of life but also the need to move and shift energy through our body with movement and awareness, yoga is fast becoming a necessity in life rather than a luxury.

Neuroscience is now demonstrating what we have intuitively known for centuries, with this we are getting a clearer picture of the link that mind-body awareness creates and facilitates during the release of trauma that has been locked in the body from early and later stages of development. Also increasing our understanding of the detrimental effects that stress and anxiety has on the mind and body.

Brisbane's Best Yoga studio

Simon has on his journey brought together the wisdom of the eastern world and the understanding of the west. He delivers his work in a fun, dynamic way that will impact your concept of yoga, the way you look at your body, and your practice.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have experienced numerous workshops with Simon; deepening my understanding of what is needed in the body for long term health and ease.

It is fascinating to see where there has been an element lost in the translation of yoga and Simon brings it through his teachings without confusing you or excluding you from the more advanced poses.

His delivery is profound, yet joyous and effortless and whether you are taking your first steps or you have travelled many miles on your journey of yoga, the wisdom Simon shares will create a shift in your understanding of what it means, and takes, to be healthy.

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