Finding Body-Mind Awareness

APRIL 12th – 14th


He’s coming back! Join acclaimed international yoga teacher and speaker Simon Borg-Oliver as he returns to Yoga Bones for a 3-day intensive on the Essence of Yoga practice.
Whether you are an experienced yoga teacher or just entering the amazing world of yoga study, Simon’s inspirational insights across all aspects of yoga, as a physical, mental and spiritual nourishment, will profoundly expand and elevate your own knowledge and connection to your sacred practice.
“I use yoga to lovingly encourage the circulation of energy and consciousness throughout my body to be in greater harmony with everything around me.” – Simon



Discover how to use asanas and pranayama to increase strength, flexibility and internal health; and more importantly learn how to improve circulation and bring energy to every cell in your body and let each of the bodies 50 trillion cells communicate in a loving way for perfect health, happiness and longevity.

This is an interactive weekend where Simon will show you how to:

  • improve flexibility without feeling intense stretch
  • improve strength without feeling tense or stressed.
  • become more relaxed without needing to be completely passive
  • improve your energy levels without having to breathe more than normal
  • promote circulation without needing to make your heart beat faster
  • improve the intelligence of your body cells without having to over-think
  • satiate your appetite and feel nourished without having to eat as much
  • feel rested and rejuvenated without having to sleep as much.

This course is essential for yoga teachers, teachers in training and anyone interested in deepening their ability to use posture, movement and breathing to give positive effects on health, fitness, longevity and mental and physical well being.

7 – 9pm
Movement of the body – Aligning your physical, mental and emotional Health

Meet Simon and discover his passion for harmony and connection within the body and how he wants to share his years of knowledge and experience and show you how to draw that knowledge into your body to create lasting effects.


10am – 1pm
Enhancing your raw power, strengthening core, and living with a pain-free back

Would you love to understand how to develop more energy, strength, flexibility and stability while remaining calm, focused and healthy?

Learn how to use posture, movement and breathing, all originating from your core to improve the health of your spine and body systems (respiratory, circulatory, nervous, immune, endocrine and reproductive systems).

2 – 5pm
Building your immunity and internal energy

Understanding that your nervous system and your internal organs is directly related to your health energy and fitness.

Learn how to improve the strength and flexibility of your limbs and use them to regulate your breathing and circulation. Build and enrich your immunity, digestion and sexual function by using movement and energy.

10am – 1pm
Mental clarity – the beginning of meditation

Do you understand meditation and the clarity that comes with it? Did you know meditation can be done with both movement and stillness?

With Simon you will learn how to move energy (Prana) through the body, how to develop flexibility, increase strength, improve circulation and find calm and stillness within. Opening you to deeper practices and greater self-awareness.

2 – 5pm
Breath and circulation – from movement to stillness

Have you ever noticed how breath (Pranayama) is affected by emotions, situations and experiences in life? Think of when you are nervous or anxious and what happens to your breath.

Learn how to use your mind, your body and your breath in various ways and experience the amazing affects this can have on your health and well-being. Feel the difference when moving dynamically or statically and experience energy (Prana) and deeper conscious awareness.



Entire weekend:  $375 / $310 if paid before 31 March 
Friday 7 to 9pm: $80
Single Day (2 sessions): $210
Single Session: $115


Yoga Bones Students receive 10% off all full prices
Session details coming very soon!!




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About Simon:

Simon travels the worlds speaking and teaching about fitness, health and longevity and drawing on his immense knowledge, research and personal practice.

He studied and taught at Sydney University over a period of 20 years. In that time he completed a Bachelor of Science in human biology, a research based Master of Science in molecular biology and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy.

Simon is the co-founder and owner of Yoga Synergy and has over 33 years experience teaching yoga, inspiring people all around the world.

Simon co-developed the Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga Course and co-authored the book, ‘Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga‘, that goes with the course, the first comprehensive applied anatomy and physiology yoga text. He passionately believes that if everyone had yoga in their lives, it would make the world a better place.