Hi, I’m Bindi and yoga is my passion.

I began my journey with Yoga from around the age of 18 and I realised very quickly the profound difference, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally, that yoga was having in my life. Getting me through the tuff times, relationships, and more importantly through the death of my father.

When I had my children, I devoted my time to them for their first five years. So, as my second son approached the age of five I started seriously thinking about what I wanted to do whilst my children were at school? When my mum suggested I would make a great yoga teacher… it really resonated and I quickly recognised the truth, that yoga had always been there for me through the years.

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I started training and it soon became apparent that this was exactly what I was meant to be doing. I was offered a teaching position before I my training had finished, however, I didn’t feel qualified enough, or ready, to teach others.

It was after my training was completed that I heard about Kaya and Yoga Bones. In all honesty, I hesitated, and I hesitated some more, I knew that this was going to be the start of something big and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it.

But the universe would not be denied and one day, I saw Kaya coming out of the studio after teaching. I couldn’t ignore the opportunity, so I took a deep breath and approached her, and we started talking. The conversation had not gone too far before I knew that Kaya was going to be my Yoga mentor. I said as much and Kaya laughed, telling me she didn’t have any space right now. We kept talking and after about 45 minutes, Kaya laughed again and said it looked like she’d better make some space in her mentoring program.

From this point on, Yoga pretty much became my life and passion, I started mentoring with Kaya and attending as many classes as I could at Yoga Bones.

Brisbane's Best Yoga studio

Kaya had created a beautiful, warm, authentic space that focused on community and nurtured everyone that walked through the door. Under her instruction I started teaching at Yoga Bones and was loving every minute of what I was learning and teaching. Over the years working together our friendship and trust grew and I started taking on more responsibility at Yoga Bones, eventually becoming Studio Manager and then a partner in the business.

Recently, Kaya came to the realisation that her own journey needed to shift and transform beyond the framework of the Yoga Bones studio. Another opportunity and this time I did not hesitate.

I wish Kaya the utmost success with everything she does and am excited to see how we will work together again in the future.

My highest intention in taking over the business is to hold onto the essence of Yoga Bones; maintaining and building on the values and strengths of our fantastic community as we continue to grow. As part of this intention, and in recognition of its’ growth and transformation, I decided to move the studio to a new space at 31 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington. This has been instrumental for the ongoing evolution of Yoga Bones and our community.

Brisbane's Best Yoga studio Brisbane's Best Yoga studio Brisbane's Best Yoga studio Brisbane's Best Yoga studio

During the move we had a couple of working bees and I am so grateful to, and humbled by, the amazing group of students and teachers who freely came and put their time and energy into getting the new space ready.

It was such a true demonstration of what Yoga Bones represents. Not only the enormous effort given by the people, but also the donations of plants and various items, inspiring an even stronger spirit within our community.


The new space, with its high ceilings and cool breezes, is to be a hub of classes and workshops offering an opportunity for students and teachers to deepen their love of Yoga and other associated healing modalities.

Brisbane's Best Yoga studio

With this in mind, I am so excited about events coming up at Yoga Bones!

Kicking off, we have Stace and Liv with their Hertz so good sound healing experience on Sunday 10th March. An amazing opportunity to feel the power of sound on your body.

We also have a Yoga Bones Community BBQ on the following Sunday, 17th March for both students and teachers to come together in the new space and celebrate what everyone has helped create. While also celebrating and building that which is most important to us at Yoga Bones…Community.

In gratitude,